Windy Tidal Trent

Tackling the Tidal Trent on a Windy Day

Having arrived at Fiskerton on Friday night and found the moorings completely empty, we happily claimed a mooring spot. We’d not been up here since we brought Harebell back in August, but it was just as lovely and peaceful as we’d remembered. The weather this morning was not co operating and the sky was overcast,… Read more »


Happy and Healthy at Hatherton Marina.

Today, the morning dawned cold & frosty but fantastically sunny. As has been the case quite a lot over the last few sunny days, my mind turned to boating; I miss my boat- I’m keen to get going, to one day enjoy the relaxation of moving at 4 mph and the next to set ourselves a challenge… Read more »

  • Harebell at Antons Gowt 2

    Friday Night Anticipation- And Shiny Brass!

    We arrived at Chapel Hill about 2.00- still can’t get over the 10 minute car ride to get to the boat. We messed about for a while, not really wanting to get going; once we started the trip, that was it, we’d be on our way to it finishing! I had half a mind to… Read more »

  • Netherton Tunnel Entrance

    An Epic Day to Birmingham- True Hacker Style!

    As yesterday was a bit of a short day, Marcus wanted to get a good start this morning. True to his form, he was awake and about at least 6.30am!  I did not hear him moving about until a little while later and was NOT IMPRESSED at the ungodly hour! Marcus however, was on a… Read more »

  • NB Brighton

    Later Start- Later Finishing in the Day.

    Well, the forecasters were correct and we woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. Not just light showers, but the heavy, in for the day, rain that comes in heavy bursts. We made the most of the opportunity and had a lie in and a leisurely breakfast. I even had to light… Read more »

  • Nearing Mooring Spot

    Thoughts of Distance as End of Holiday Looms!

    Mindful of the amount of boats moored in Stone, with a lot of them facing our direction, we felt that we needed and early-ish start or we’d be queuing at locks. Despite our best intentions, a boat did come past us but when we caught up with them at the next lock, not only were… Read more »

  • Bedford Street Staircase.

    Off The Caldon and the Start of a New Trip

    Not doing things by halves has become something of a fact of boating. We were heading back home, via the Birmingham & Fazeley and the Wolverhampton 21. We wanted to be off the Caldon before the junction got clogged up with boats for the festival, so we set off in good time this morning. The… Read more »

  • Consall Forge

    Homeward Bound – Sort Of!!!

      Waking up in Froghall Basin was a laid back and peaceful experience. The toilet block was nearby, so I was quite happy to pad off in my slippers & pyjamas! We knew we really needed to leave today, but were in no massive hurry, so completed all the “boatkeeping” chores; rubbish, toilet, clearing up… Read more »