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Back to Work and Source Some Funding.

Well, at the moment we seem to be ranging from 2 opposing emotions. One minute we are happily thinking to ourselves “hey man, this is cool- a little bit of extra debt we can handle and we can cut back on other things and at the end we’ll own a boat- aren’t we just the… Read more »

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Our Last, Full Sunshiney Day

                             As if to make it even more painful to leave, the sun was yet again shining and the birds were in full gorgeous morning song. Again, Chef Marcus was in charge of breakfast and bacon & egg sarnies were on the… Read more »

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  After a peaceful night in Digilis Basin, it was time to tackle the mighty Severn again. We started off a little later than we had planned, dropping down onto the Severn at about 9.10am. The level had dropped quite a lot, but the flow was still strong. Needless to say that our progress upstream… Read more »

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Major disappointment and back the way we came.

  Up bright & early this morning ready to be the first boat on the flight- 3 and a half hours seems to be the norm, we would like to try to do it a bit quicker. With much anticipation, we set off, but it was not to be- we had hardly got out of… Read more »

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Heavy Wide Locks and Can we get to the Bottom of the Tardebigge?

We a had a lovely lie in this morning; our moorings were so quiet. We were not immediately ready to get out of bed, so a lazy morning took place. Eventually we were under way by 9am and straight into the first lock. They didn’t get any lighter or easier to wind, so I swapped… Read more »