During the winter of 2016/17 we, as a family, discovered the thrill of Lincoln City FC Their FA Cup run was amazing and it was truly great to be part of the excitement as the Imps beat Championship teams like Ipswich & Brighton and most magnificently of all, Premiership Burnley.
Social media was buzzing with all things City related, as we discussed the magic of Danny & Nicky Cowley, the players and the impending games. As always on social media, there was a fair amount of negativity going, and new fans bore the brunt of criticism. “Glory hunters” and “plastic fans” became part of everyday vocabulary and at 1 stage I was genuinely ready to give up and wait for the boating season. Then the Imps dew against Arsenal in the quarter final of the FA Cup. They lost 5-0 on Saturday 11th March 2017. It hurt, of course. However far from drawing a line under my brief career at a City supporter, the match, the result and the amazing excitement left me wanting more.
So it was on Saturday 18th March we made our first pilgrimage to the mighty Sincil Bank Stadium and took our seats for our first football match. We lost in the second leg of the FA Trophy 1-2 (2-3 on aggregate) but we’d had a great time throughout the match and standing cheering, clapping & supporting the tired and dejected players after the final whistle was not only essential, it was the moment I realised that the term “plastic fan” was water off a ducks back- I had cheered and supported my team through a loss and I was still as proud to be in Imp in that moment as I ever was during that magical win against Premiership side Burnely.
Naturally, with the boating season looming and league fixtures coming thick and fast, it seemed that there was a partial choice to be made. However, I was reluctant to relinquish my support of the Imps in favour of boating and vice versa. it was from this dilemma that 4MPH Imp was conceived. A new Twitter account was created and your Narrowboating Chick is also an Imp, albeit one that moves at 4MPH on the Inland Waterways. Up the Mighty Imps.



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